At a normal home while surfing in Tamarindo, you awake and walk out to check the surf…at one spot. At Villa Paraiso it’s a bit different…you can check the surf from our unique perspective! High above Tamarindo Bay you’ll be able to check the surf breaks of Playa Grande, Shady Trees, Casitas, Rivermouth, Pico Pequena, Pico Grande, Henry’s, Capitan Suizo, La Isla, Punta San Francisco, and the breaks of Playa Langosta!!! They are all within your sights. You can even peek through our high powered telescope for an up close and personal view of the Tamarindo surfing breaks!

Located in the wave rich area of Tamarindo, there are countless options for all levels of surfer…beginner to advanced. A few minutes drive south will put you onto the breaks of Avellanas, Little Hawaii, Palo Seco, Persian gulf. How about the world famous Playa Negra, just a few minutes to the south? Tube hunting? Head to Junquillal or Marbella for spectacular beachbreak barrels! World class waves and a world class home…all in one place. Surfing in Tamarindo has never been so easy.

The owners of the home are avid surfers and have been surfing the area for over 15 years! We will put you on the best waves for what the tide/swell/wind are forecast to do on any given day. This this local knowledge is given free of charge, however we are also very happy to provide a tailored surfing package for any level of surfer. Daily guide service, top shelf surfboard and gear rentals, guided boat charters to Witches Rock and Ollies Point (and secret spots…shhhhh) are a fantastic way to spend your surf vacation! Since Tamarindo is a family friendly vacation spot, not only the surfers will be happy~the rest of the group has a wide array of other activities to keep them occupied so that EVERYONE is happy!

Would you like to surf with a legend? How about a week of surfing with Robert August from the classic of classic surf films “The Endless Summer”. We can set up a week-long trip with Robert for you…replete with stories, sessions, good meals, good wine and more stories. Robert is a friend of ours here at Villa Paraiso and we welcome you to spend a week in paradise with the man himself.

How about Robert “Wingnut” Weaver? Brad Gerlach? Both of those surfer are Tamarindo “regulars” and are also available for week-long surf epics here in Costa Rica! You’ve rarely met a better duo of guys to show you around than those two…Wingnut is a huge ball of endless energy that can surf a longboard like none other! I’ve seen Wingnut put kids and adults alike into 150 yard perfect shoulder/head high waves that absolutely blew them away. Best wave of their lives, EVER. Brad is a spectacular surfer and surf coach…formerly on the ASP world tour, he is an absolute blast to spend time with can turn a good surfer into a great surfer in no time flat.

Send us an email, we’ll set you up on the surf trip of a lifetime!

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