Luxury Celebrations Await in Tamarindo Costa Rica

There are so many ways to celebrate your big event, whether that occasion be a milestone birthday with your closest friends and family, a wedding ceremony, a family reunion, or a corporate milestone. While we have nothing against celebrating close to home, why not go on a custom, luxury adventure instead? You can celebrate in style and luxury, all the while creating unforgettable memories for yourself and your guests.

Costa Rica is a vacation destination in itself, and unfortunately, many of us would never otherwise have a chance to visit this Central American paradise. But when you make the upscale beach town and surf hotspot of Tamarindo the destination of your celebration, you’ll score points with the adventurers in your group, and you might just ignite or reignite the spark of travel in the more reticent members of your group.

Villa Paraiso is the perfect destination to capture the imagination, indulge in luxury, and get some relaxation in while providing your guests with the best party ever.


Host a wedding or special birthday party in luxury above the Playa Tamarindo Bay with a gorgeous view of the ocean and beach below. Amenities like the expansive infinity pool and covered reception space for up to 150 people facilitate a celebration of a lifetime. Details such as catering, flowers, and photography can be coordinated by the wedding planner and staff.

Villa Paraiso features an in-house team of guest services, from gourmet local cooking to bartending to executive car service and more. We’re also happy to allow you to bring in your own team as necessary. You’ll notice the upscale feel of the property from the moment the electronic front gate swings open, unveiling the surreal beauty of the villa, which continues into the low-key, tropical island vibe of the interior.


There are plentiful activities such as snorkeling, golf, surfing, and fishing available in Tamarindo, but Villa Paraiso will be the convenient hub of all activity around your celebration trip. Make your room at the villa your own personal relaxation space with an ocean view balcony. Rest easy in one of the eight bedrooms at the villa, each with its own en suite bathroom. With a large, professional kitchen and a gorgeous ocean view dining room and exterior dining area, this vacation rental has the capacity for everyone to dine before and after the day’s activities. The infinity pool and poolside bar display an ocean view that is the perfect gathering spot to share stories about the day and drift into the night.

Villa Paraiso’s amenities, personal attention to detail, high-end full service options, and access to unforgettable destinations just minutes away make it the most convenient option available in Tamarindo, and one of the best in Costa Rica.


Attention to detail in the villa’s design and furnishings promotes relaxation and socialization. Every detail is taken care of to ensure your comfort and enjoyment as you take time with loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Two full time staff members care for the villa on a daily basis to ensure that nothing is overlooked during your stay and that you have everything you need. It’s the little things like the telescope to view the surf below and the high-end grill positioned so you can enjoy the parrots flying by that make for an exceptional celebration.

You’ll forget all the troubles you left at home as you indulge in the subtle yet highly impressive luxury of Villa Paraiso.


With your own villa to celebrate in, you are the architect of your special event. You can schedule what you want to do when you want to do it, with help from our staff who are happy to make recommendations based on your personal preferences, or those of your group. Make memories with the whole family during a reunion trip by planning some group activities. Turn your wedding into a honeymoon for everyone with a rainforest tour or a surf trip to the beach after the ceremony. The concierge for your villa can arrange special activities such as a hiking trek or spa trip that everyone can enjoy together.

We’re confident that your guests’ phones and cameras will be full of beautiful, exciting photos by the end of the trip. We also strongly advise you to bring along a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture the magic of Villa Paraiso.

Tamarindo is the perfect backdrop to celebrate any special occasion in luxury with friends and family. Or if you are looking for a team-building experience, make Villa Paraiso the most memorable corporate retreat your company has ever had. Enjoy your event in a luxurious tropical setting that no one will ever forget.


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Top 3 Beaches in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a hot destination as a beautiful Costa Rican beach town, and Villa Paraiso is lucky enough to call this home. With over 5200 square feet of space featuring 8 luxurious bedrooms, a grand kitchen, and exquisite deck overlooking Playa Tamarindo, the villa is a highly-sought after vacation rental for its relaxing and entertaining features. No doubt you will be tempted to explore some of the local beaches, renowned for their beauty, and better yet, just a short distance from the villa. Plan on checking out these top three beaches during your next stay at Villa Paraiso!

Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo’s mile-long crescent-shaped beach is located near the front of town.  The town of Tamarindo is located on a long wide bay and the beaches are split by an estuary. Playa Tamarindo is south of the estuary while Playa Grande is located to the north.

Just three decades ago Tamarindo was a modest fishing village. Ever since the mid-90s, Tamarindo launched on the scene after the release of Endless Summer II and became one of the top destinations for surfers around the world. Playa Tamarindo is perfect for surfers of all ages and capabilities; more advanced surfers can take advantage of Playa Langosta and Playa Grande. However, the waters aren’t just perfect for the surfers; Playa Tamarindo is great for families and everyone alike. The shallow waters make it a forgiving spot for novice swimmers or families with children. Sunbathers have their choice of great real estate on Playa Tamarindo’s white sands, gorgeous views of the town, the ocean, and unobstructed views of Isla Capitan, a small islet off the coast.

The area is a hub for both locals and tourists alike with endless options of restaurants, shops, and bars lining the streets. The beach will never be far from your mind, as you can see Playa Tamarindo from many of the town’s main streets.

Playa Grande

While Playa Tamarindo is the bustling busy hub in the southern half of Tamarindo Bay, Playa Grande is its quieter northern counterpart on the other side of the estuary. Unlike many of the other more popular beaches, Playa Grande features large patches of vegetation and undeveloped areas. This beach is the perfect choice for nature lovers, as well as the locals. Its sprawling crescent shape is due to the ocean breeze constantly edging the sands. There’s quite a few palm trees for anyone who wants to hit the sandy beach to relax or play.

Playa Grande is another internationally known hotspot destination for surfers. It features excellent beach breaks, especially on a south swell. The best time to surf is usually mid-tide. December through February offer great but smaller offshore waves; the rest of the year has bigger and more consistent swells.

This area is also located within Marino Las Baulas National Park, the primary breeding ground for leatherback sea turtles (baulas). These are the largest of all of the existing turtle species, and this location is the largest nesting colony of leatherbacks from the Americas in the Pacific. The national park was established as part of a conservation effort to protect this endangered species. The turtles call Playa Grande home year-round, but their nesting season is from October to May. Reserved tours are available to visitors for a chance to witness these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. During nesting season no one is allowed on the beach at night unless with a guide, otherwise a stiff fine is imposed.

Playa Langosta

Yet another well-known surfing spot, Playa Langosta is located on the southern tip of Tamarindo Bay. The land and seascape is characterized by the rocky scenery and abundant tide pools. The beach is located near the Rio San Francisco estuary. The estuary attracts a number of small animals, but the beach itself has few critters other than an occasional pelican. While there are rocky patches, those are complemented by white sandy beaches perfect for laying out and relaxing.

Beginners to advanced surfers can enjoy the waves here, but certain spots are better left to the more experienced. The northern side of the beach contain lava rock reef breaks, which see big rights and lefts breaking on the inside and out. The big outside breaks are best handled by the more advanced surfers.

Just a Short Distance From Your Villa

Villa Paraiso is located just a short distance from these three choice beaches in the Tamarindo area. Our friendly and professional staff can provide more information about these beaches, and other beautiful sights and fun activities for your stay. Be sure to explore our website for more details about planning your stay, including our Bookings/Contact page to see when the villa is available for your getaway.  We look forward to welcoming you!


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Experience Costa Rican Cuisine in Your Own Luxury Seaside Villa!

One of the best treasures in traveling is sampling the local cuisine. Staying at Villa Paraiso not only offers an amazing vacation in style, but the opportunity to sample the finest in local Costa Rican cuisine! From a wide selection of restaurants in town to available in-home fine dining, your palate will be impressed. Try your hand at preparing your own meal, or have one of our private chefs impress you and your guests using the industrial-grade kitchen or outdoor barbecue. You’ll have the best spot in town with an unparalleled view of Playa Tamarindo, and the soft serenade of the Pacific Ocean as your soundtrack.

A traditional Tico, or Costa Rican, meal will share many similarities with other Latin American fare, while also including a greater variety of fresh native fruits and vegetables, such as plantains and star fruit. You’ll also find indigenous and African elements in Tico cuisine as well. Costa Rica is known in the culinary world for having a mild yet succulent flavor and a large reliance on fresh produce, which makes a typical meal at Villa Paraiso not only delicious but incredibly healthy as well. You’ll find that most meals have some variation of rice and beans, and coastal towns like our own Tamarindo will also have plenty of seafood like tilapia and sea bass to incorporate into meals.

Ceviche is a popular boca, or tapas/appetizer, especially with all of the flavors Costa Rica has to offer. Make sure you sample local specialties such as white sea bass ceviche, a delicious appetizer made from raw fish which is often marinated in citrus juices, cilantro, garlic and hot peppers for a distinctive Costa Rican taste. For those who would like to try a variety without the seafood, stop by one of Costa Rica’s many fresh fruit stands for a sampling of truly local produce and a plate of green mango ceviche, in which the fish is replaced by fresh fruit.

Gallo Pinto
When you wake up to a Costa Rican sunrise at Villa Paraiso, you are likely to start your day with a mixture of beans and rice, eggs, fried plantains and tortillas. This common dish is called gallo pinto, meaning “spotted rooster” in Spanish, a reference to the stippled appearance created by the combining of the rice and beans. While variations of this dish can be found throughout Central America, the Costa Rican variety imparts its own unique flavor by pouring a sweet green-brown salsa called Salsa Lizano over the top.

Lunch is typically the largest meal of the day for Ticos, and casado is the top choice, and you will encounter it often. It is made out of rice, black beans, plantains, a cabbage salad, a tortilla and a protein source such as chicken, beef or pork. The meat can either be grilled or sautéed, but not fried. Unlike a gallo pinto, the elements of the dish, including the rice and beans, are not mixed together. Many recipes include local vegetables such as red bell peppers and onions as well.

Olla de Carne
On weekends, you’ll find olla de carne – a hearty beef and vegetable stew often served both in homes and at sodas (small restaurants) in Costa Rica. Common ingredients include beef, and a lot of starchy vegetables: cassava roots, plantains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, carrots, and even corn on the cob. Other ingredients include onions, garlic, celery, cilantro, salt, and pepper. Short ribs and flank are generally the cuts of meat used, and the broth is on the thinner side. This savory soup is definitely comfort food at its best, especially when served with a side of rice.

Arroz con leche and tres leches are popular desserts in Costa Rica, as well as other Latin American countries. Arroz con leche is a sweet rice pudding made with nutmeg, cloves, & cinnamon as the key spice. Ticos like to add raisins to their version, while other Latin countries forego them.

Tres leches is a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk: regular milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk, with rum sometimes added as well.  It’s topped with whipped cream, sometimes garnished with cinnamon, nuts, or fruits, and traditionally served straight from the pan it’s been soaking in. This cake is an anticipated treat for special occasions!
Many of these dishes can be easily prepared even by a novice chef, especially with access to the local farmer’s markets, and the professional-style gourmet kitchen at Villa Paraiso. A private chef can also prepare a delicious meal for you and your guests to enjoy in the spacious villa or outside on the terrace, with a gorgeous view of Playa Tamarindo. Let us know if you’d like us to include a private chef during your stay with us.

The professional and friendly staff at Villa Paraiso is ready to show you the best in Tico culinary culture, as well as offer assistance in planning other adventures and details for your dream vacation. Explore the rest of our website, and even take a tour of the villa, visit our contact page to request a quote, and don’t forget to check rates and availability. We look forward to sharing a taste of Pura Vida with you!


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No need for hotels – Villa Paraiso has you covered for your next event!

A special occasion deserves a special destination. Whether it’s a major milestone like a wedding or big anniversary, a grand family reunion, or a fun getaway for close family or friends, a destination event in Costa Rica is the perfect way to celebrate! Though planning a large event in a distant location may seem difficult or intimidating, the staff at Villa Paraiso is here to help. We are ready to make your next event exciting, unforgettable, and simply unique. Discover why the luxurious Villa Paraiso offers you more options than a typical, five-star resort.

More Control Over Planning
You’ll find extensive choices and flexibility in planning your event at Villa Paraiso. Often when planning a gathering at a hotel, their venue has numerous restrictions and limited options in food choice, menus, and space. At Villa Paraiso, there are also no time restrictions or caps on events that would normally occur with a rented hotel venue. You and your guests are free to celebrate all night long!

Villa Paraiso’s expansive indoor and outdoor areas set against the backdrop of Playa Tamarindo affords the perfect paradisiacal environment. The professional grade kitchen provides the option of cooking your favorite dishes, or enlisting the Villa’s private chef to prepare an exquisite meal. You can even take the party outside with the professional series BBQ and wet bar, perfect for entertaining on the terrace.  Catering the event is always an option, and our staff can recommend the top restaurants in town to bring the best service to you.

You can also enjoy an amazing local experience with all of the activities and adventures Costa Rica offers!  Our staff can personalize your itinerary and help you decide among a staggering array of choices – kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, golf, or even take a day excursion for a volcano tour, sport fishing, hiking, ziplining, and so much more. We also have excellent spa recommendations, and can even arrange for a full service spa session at the Villa. Whatever the interests and needs of your group, we will work closely with you to accommodate your guests and the demands of your schedule.

Ample Space
With 8 furnished bedrooms, there is ample room for a number of party guests. The 5200 square foot interior provides enough room to spread out and offer a reasonable amount of privacy, yet maintains a cozy and comfortable feel in the communal spaces. 5 of the 8 bedrooms even feature their own private, ocean-view terrace, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the Playa Tamarindo view. Additionally, each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, with a half-bath in the main area as well, preventing overcrowded restrooms and long shower lines. One suite in particular should be granted to the guests of honor, or you may have to draw names! The crown jewel of the home is the “Cielos Penthouse,” perched just above the infinity pool, with a private terrace and floor-to-ceiling views of the grand Pacific.  Rest assured, however – each room is designed in style, and everyone will enjoy their own space with the amenities of home!

The common areas feature an open concept design, inviting easy movement and flow of people and conversations, perfect for entertaining. The gourmet kitchen design comes prepared to host large parties, with two ovens, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, and two coffee makers. Enjoy lounging in the living room with Playa Tamarindo gently lapping waves in the background; the glass doors open wide to the terrace, offering a gorgeous ocean view and a relaxing ambiance.

The outdoor space continues to impress with 3000 square feet of covered terrace. You can host your meals outside with the 16-person outdoor dining pavilion, or casually relax around the infinity pool. The grill island and professional BBQ are perfect for preparing a day’s catch or fresh fare from the local market. Adult guests will love the outside wet bar, to sip a drink, enjoy the company, and lounge in paradise!

Increased Intimacy
This private villa allows you to more intimately connect with your company, without the distractions of other guests and events that you may find in a hotel/resort. It also helps ensure that family, friends, and guests are in close proximity and have plenty of opportunities to catch up. Hotels can be difficult and inconvenient with everyone spread out,  easily losing precious together-time trekking to different rooms, floors, and trying to coordinate everyone to one place. At Villa Paraiso, you can truly enjoy this private oasis, and make it an unforgettable getaway.

Our friendly, professional staff at the Villa can assist you in planning and guiding you in the top choices for local catering and other services. Please check out the Villa’s availability, visit our contact page to request a quote, or give us a call at 1-866-658-7795 for any inquiries. We’re excited to share the best of Costa Rica with you, and look forward to your stay!

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Villa Paraiso Provides an Affordable Luxury Alternative to Hotels

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime at our private Costa Rican vacation villa! Located in the town of Tamarindo, on the northwestern shore of the country, Villa Paraiso provides an affordable way to enjoy a luxury experience in a breathtaking beachside environment.

Avoid the impersonal atmosphere of a hotel, the unpredictability of hotel room neighbors, and the difficulty of planning room arrangements when traveling with a large group. A stay at Villa Paraiso offers you the peace, privacy, and ease in traveling, whether you’re planning for an intimate group or a large gathering.

Privacy and Luxury in One

Hotel stays with a large group quickly become an inconvenience for everyone involved. Group leaders are left traipsing from room to room among multiple floors to communicate with everyone. Making meeting arrangements in one designated room can make for cramped quarters. A gathering outside requires extra vigilance if there are children to account for, as well as making sure you are not inconveniencing any other parties. There could also be unknown rules in public meeting places that you are only made aware of after your break them.

Luxury Tamarindo’s private Villa Paraiso eliminates all of those worries. Spacious enough to allow for individual privacy, yet designed with open concept common areas for gathering, Villa Paraiso offers space large enough for your entire group to play, dine, and spread out. Come together on the terrace for a gorgeous view of Playa Tamarindo and the Pacific Ocean, and discuss the day’s activities while taking advantage of our plentiful, comfortable seating.  Adults will enjoy mimosas in the morning and margaritas in the evening courtesy of the poolside wet bar. You can even order a private bartender if you so desire. Forget your worries about potential disruptive strangers or having your children wandering too far off. Villa Paraiso is a closed, secure, and fully serviced home away from home.

The property offers on-site staff at your service. We can arrange for airport pick-up and drop-offs, rental car(s) once you reach the property, and we can even provide a daily Costa Rican breakfast of fresh fruits, gallo pinto, eggs, breads, and fresh Costa Rican coffee. You can also request when you’d like your beds made or sheets changed.

Convenience on Your Terms

Part of the excitement of travel is living like a local. Vacationing at Villa Paraiso allows travelers the best in local experience while providing all the amenities of home when you need them. Tamarindo is a charming beachside town to explore, with a bevy of activities available. With the beach so close, water activities like surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing, snorkeling, and even SCUBA are always favorites. Playa Tamarindo’s shores also offer up spots to lay out on the beach, or enjoy playing in the breaking waves. The staff at Villa Paraiso can also help arrange a day trip for exciting excursions, like volcano tours at Rincon de la Vieja or Arenal, hiking, zip-lining, ATV tours, and other eco-adventures.

Wander into town and sample the local fare, ranging from street food to high end dining. On some days, you may be able to pack into a restaurant featuring live music and a hot dance floor. If you or your group feels more like staying in and cooking on your own, the Villa has a grand kitchen equipped with two refrigerators, two ovens and two dishwashers. The outdoor patio also features a professional series BBQ, perfect for cooking the day’s catch from a sport-fishing trip, or experimenting with fresh foods purchased at the local markets.

Villa Paraiso can even arrange for a private chef to come and cook a locally sourced meal for you and your guests, while you enjoy drinks and company lounging on the private patio, relaxing in the infinity pool, or simply enjoying the panoramic views of Playa Tamarindo with your loved ones.

Unsurpassable Luxury

At Villa Paraiso, you’ll discover how much there is to gain by choosing a private vacation rental over a resort or hotel. We offer a discerning range of tours, activities, and opportunities for the traveler to experience the best of Costa Rica.

The amenities and privacy available at Villa Paraiso also offer travelers unsurpassable luxury.  Luxury Tamarindo provides the opportunity to enjoy a private, oceanfront property for an unforgettable vacation in style. The staff at Villa Paraiso are highly knowledgeable and can help plan for any day trips, activities, or arranging for individualized services at the Villa, like the private chef or a full, in-home spa treatment.

With eight spacious rooms and breathtaking ocean views for everyone, Villa Paraiso is an exceptional alternative to hotel stays while traveling. Whether for a wedding, a business trip, or a nature adventure with friends, our Costa Rica property offers an unparalleled luxury experience. Be the hero of your group by booking Villa Paraiso for your getaway today. Check out the Villa’s availability to get started, or give us a call 866-658-7795 for immediate service.

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Wild in Costa Rica: Experiencing the Local Wildlife

Northern Pacific Coast Emphasis

Costa Rica is known for its extensive wildlife repertoire; about 5% of the entire world’s biodiversity exists in this country whose size is comparable to the state of West Virginia. The beauty of Costa Rica is not only in its natural wildlife, but the fact that the country has made great efforts to preserve its nature and the integrity of the ecosystems. There are numerous national parks, wildlife refuges, and sanctuaries throughout the country, which are favored over traditional zoos. Find out the best places to experience some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful wildlife!

Whether you’re on the Pacific side or the Atlantic side, we promise you’ll see an amazing show of nature. Of course, Villa Paraiso is on the western, Pacific side, and we are partial to our own locales.

With our location in Tamarindo, we are close to many wildlife sanctuaries and refuges, but others may require a day or even overnight stay. Here are a handful of wildlife refuges and national parks located fairly close to Tamarindo, as well as other suggestions throughout the country!

Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge

Located just north of the town of Tamarindo, this wildlife refuge actually encompasses the Tamarindo Bay, the estuary, and combines with Las Baulas National Park to ensure coverage and protection of the local wildlife in the region. The Tamarindo Estuary is a haven for the local wildlife, and we can arrange guided tours to showcase Costa Rica’s natural. A kayak tour through the waterways is popular, and a great way to experience these flora and fauna in their natural setting. The wildlife refuge houses black-bellied whistling ducks, roseate spoonbills, yellow-crowned night herons, kingfishers, iguanas, and crocodiles. Also local to the estuary are howler monkeys, coatimundis, and raccoons.

Marino Las Baulas National Park

Also known as Las Baulas Marine National Park, this location includes part of Tamarindo estuary. It is a great place to experience wildlife in the Guanacaste Province. One of the most unique experiences here are the guided turtle tours, which happen in the evenings during October through May. Visitors are encouraged through this nesting season to make their reservations at least 8 days in advance.

Marino Las Baulas National Park was created in 1990 to protect the endangered leatherback population. This site has been a popular nesting and egg-hatching site for the turtles, who come back every year to Playa Grande.

In addition to the leatherback turtles, Marino Las Baulas is home to numerous wildlife, including birds like the white ibis, blue-winged teal, cattle egret, and muscovy duck, and other species: howler monkeys, capuchins, crocodile, raccoons, grey squirrels, and pacas (a large rodent that looks like a cross between a deer and a guinea pig).

Monkey Park

Located just outside of Tamarindo, this non-profit wildlife refuge has dedicated itself to the rehabilitation and release of the local wildlife (not just monkeys). It has also opened itself up to the public as an educational resource. The park features exhibits designed after the animals’ natural habitats and houses animals such as porcupines, owls, scarlet macaw, crested caracara, black-handed spider monkeys, American crocodiles, yellow-naped Amazon parrots, ocelot, Geoffrey’s tamarin, and more!

Guanacaste National Park (Parque Nacional Guanacaste)

Guanacaste National Park is located north of Tamarindo, and combines with Santa Rosa National Park. It was established in 1989 to protect the forested slopes of the Orosí Volcano and the cloud forests in the higher elevations of the Cacao Volcano. The Tempisque River also flows through the lowlands of the park.

Guanacaste National Park is known for its gorgeous, leisurely strolls, and opportunities to see the natural wildlife. Here, you’ll find species like coatimundi; howler, white-faced, capuchin and spider monkeys; armadillos; collared peccaries (also known as a musk hog); reptiles like boa constrictors, Ctenosaurs, and house geckos; and over 300 avian species, including ospreys, toucans, owls, and black hawks.

Palo Verde (Parque Nacional Palo Verde)

Palo Verde is located about 2 hours slightly north and east of Tamarindo, and is considered one of the best birding and wildlife viewing spots in all of Costa Rica. It is also an important migratory bird site of the Mexican/ Northern Central American (Mesoamerican) Pacific, as well as having the largest concentration of aquatic birds.

Palo Verde contains a range of habitats, including marshes, mangroves, lagoons, dry tropical forests, grassland, and limestone hills that surround the mostly flat lowlands. This wide range is due to its wetland status from the Rio Tempisque river, but also its existence in the driest region of the country. This wide range invites all kinds of impressive wildlife, including 75 species of mammals call Palo Verde home, including coatis (coatimundi), deer, peccaries, monkeys, and jaguarundis (a small wildcat); 55 species of reptiles and amphibians, Palo Verde bearing the largest population of American crocodiles in the entire country; and 279 different species of birds, like the great curassow, the long-tailed manakin, the boat-billed heron, white ibis, king vulture, to name a few.

Birders will enjoy this extensive variety of birds residing in the marsh area. During the rainy season (June through November), many of the birds take to a small mangrove island in the Rio Tempisque, known as Isla de Pajaros. The best time of year to see many of the birds is during the Palo Verde dry season, lasting from December through May. The Rio Tempisque’s waters have receded and the foliage is less, making it easier to see the clusters of birds near the watering holes.

Other Wildlife Locales Throughout the Country

Costa Rica has no shortage of places to view and preserve wildlife. If you haven’t had your fill of wildlife, and your trip happens to bring you to other parts of the country, you may want to check out these places as well.

If you’re looking to see a sloth, you may have to head north to Santa Rosa National Park, take a day trip to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, or even the Monteverde Cloud Forests to the east. Sloths enjoy the lush, damp rainforests, mostly hanging around in the trees, and Guanacaste happens to be the driest region in Costa Rica. It’s best to have a tour guide help spot these irresistibly loveable creatures; despite being notoriously slow-moving, they can be difficult to spot among the foliage.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Located in Central Costa Rica, this park offers up close encounters with wildlife at their rescued wildlife preserve. Over 100 species of animals reside here, including jungle cats (jaguars, ocelots, pumas, etc.), avian species (toucans, scarlet macaw, tanagers, and more), monkeys (black-handed spider monkey and the white-faced capuchin), snakes (boas, pit vipers, bushmaster, etc.) and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Villa Paraiso, and our friendly, professional staff can help answer any questions and coordinate any nature tour, or other tour(s) you may be interested in! Use our website’s reservation tool to check the Villa’s availability for your vacation.

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A Day With The Family in Villa Paraiso

Jake opens his eyes and rubs the sleep off, looking over to his side to see his wife still happily dreaming. He listens intently for a moment and the house is silent. Only the faint sound of the ocean can be heard in the background. That means that all 4 of his kids and his mother-in-law are still sleeping. A moment of excitement washes over him. He is the king of the castle! He crawls out of the luxuriously comfortable king bed and quietly walks downstairs from the penthouse suite directly into the massive kitchen. He recalls being asked if he would like to have a gourmet chef prepare his family’s meals for his week-long stay, but loving to cook, he had simply requested the kitchen be fully stocked on their arriva. He quickly finds what he needs to make himself a cup of ‘joe’, and to his delight he sees freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee, just as requested. He brews a pot, pours a mug, and pauses for a moment to savor what is likely to be the most peaceful moment of his day. Knowing he doesn’t have much time before his family catches up with him, he takes his coffee on a walk through the gardens to explore the property in the glowing, morning sunshine.

After just a few minutes of walking through the garden, soaking in the surreal ocean views, the sounds of laughter and, surprise, surprise, breakfast requests start bellowing from the open patio doors. With a smile on his face he openly accepts the reality of his family waiting inside, all long overdue for a vacation. He makes his way back to the kitchen to oversee the negotiation of the pancakes vs. waffles debate. His wife, Sophia, stands steadfast by the coffee machine with a smirk on her face, as if to say, “Hey, you opted out of the chef package.” After some voting and a few compromises, a breakfast menu is agreed upon. Today is pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit, with fresh squeezed orange juice. Since everything is ready and waiting in the fridge, Jake gets straight to work in the oversized kitchen. Again, Jake thought, it was hard not to feel like a king. After breakfast, the kids are given their schedule. “No buts!” If they want to take a quick dip in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean, they must unpacke and have their day packs ready to go in 45 minutes. Everyone gets to work and the day begins. First stop, the pool.

Pool time, at least for today, has to be kept to a minimum. Jake wants to make sure that their vacation starts out on right foot, so he has put a lot of planning in. Next stop, the beach. The driver he has requested is right on time, polite, and very informative. He helps gather the crew and load their baggage. Desitnation, Tamarindo Beach. Activity, surf lessons! Jake and his family love to ski and snowboard back home in Colorado, but this is Costa Rica! Jake has made arrangements for a full family group surf lesson. Jake is thinking that the family’s snow skills will carry over to surfing, or at least will allow for a good time trying. They get to the beach, have a little snack and hit the waves. The outcome isn’t exactly what Jake expected. He and his 2 oldest sons (12 & 14) are the veteran snowboarders, but cannot catch a wave for the life of them. His wife and mother-in-law, who decide to spend this quality time sunbathing on the beach, spend most of the time keeled over laughing at their desperate attempts to master the waves. On the other hand, his 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son catch every wave that comes their way. His daughter in particular is a natural and, after the lesson, she insists that they spend the rest of the vacation at the beach surfing because it is her destiny to become a pro surfer. Jake again pats himself on the back for a successful morning of fun and memories that will last a lifetime, but quickly notices that they are running out of time before their afternoon plans. An ATV, Zip Line, and Costa Rican barbecue is organized at Black Stallion Café and Surf Saloon.

They make their 3pm reservation with minutes to spare. Jake has kept this part of the day a surprise, and the kids are very excited. Even after a long day at the beach they are full of energy. He is now second guessing if he can keep up with them! He grabs another quick cup of tasty Costa Rican coffee at the café and is re-energized and ready to go. They ride the ATVs up the mountain to the zip lines, the knowledgeable staff making sure to go over all the safety rules with them, and off they go on their jungle tree top adventure. Each line is short, but intense, and by the time they get to the bottom there is a car waiting to take them back to the café were his mother-in-law is happily indulging from the wine list. Then comes one of the best barbecue dinners they had ever had: organic farm raised meat and locally sourced veggies. Everything low cooked over an open flame in a Guanacaste Mixed Barbecue Wood Platter including ribs, Chorizo sausages, and chicken marinated in delicious local spices. The barbecue is garnished with locally grown ranchero rice and roasted potatoes. The adults are treated to beer and wine, while the kids have their choice of juice or soda pop. As they sit there finishing their meal in the sun’s last rays of light, he calls their driver to let him know they are ready to head home. It isn’t 2 minutes after he hangs up the phone that he realizes they have been in Tamarindo less than 24 hours, and they are already calling it “home.”

When they get back to the Villa, the kids are spent. They throw a movie on and all 4 are out like a rock in 15 minutes. Jake’s mother-in-law isn’t far behind them, and for the first time all day it is just Jake and Sophia. They open a bottle of their favorite champagne, which they have requested in advance, and walk out to the pool side. Rolling up their jeans they dip their feet into the pool and look over towards the now dark ocean. They smile and giggle as they toast “to our best vacation ever!” Day 1 – success. 6 more to go.

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Off Roading Near Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of opportunity for the adventurer and the casual traveler alike, and no place in Costa Rica offers the juxtaposition of quiet relaxation and thrilling adventure more than our little corner, the beach town of Tamarindo. You’ll find an unparalleled luxury experience staying at our 8 bed / 8.5 bath villa, which features an infinity pool and live-in staff.

While public transportation does exist around the country, it is extremely beneficial to have access to a vehicle while you are here, and since the villa offers a large amount of garage and driveway space, you will have no problems with parking. It is important to note that the road infrastructure in Costa Rica is very well developed, especially when compared to some other Latin American countries. It is easy to get around in any vehicle available through the rental counter. Also, the car rental industry in Costa Rica is developed, although we’d definitely recommend booking a car ahead of time. The main throroughfares are newly paved and easily navigable.

However, please understand that Costa Rica does have its fair share of dirt roads, and these roads may be difficult for an economy car to handle. We always recommend visitors, if they are comfortable renting an SUV with some sort of off road ability, that they do so. Toyota, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi SUVs are some of the best choices. 4WD is recommended but generally not needed, unless you are planning for serious off roading.

If you are looking for off roading as part of your adventure in Tamarindo, then you are in luck! There are a number of trails in the area that range from easy to moderate to difficult. We’ll go through a few of them below.

Be cautioned that most rental companies will charge heavily for damage that you receive while driving their cars, and many of the insurance options they offer have fine print you’ll need to read to understand what is and isn’t covered. That being said, there are some tour companies in the area that specifically allow you the use of their vehicles for off roading adventures! It’s also possible to rent dirt bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles, and some of the tours are guided and can take you through terrain you probably couldn’t find on your own. Ask us for a few options in this regard.

If you have never been off roading before, it may be best to take a course in your home country first, where you can learn the basics in an environment that may be more familiar to you. First time off roaders will run into problems off roading in Costa Rica. However, for experienced off roaders, you’ll find Costa Rica to be a great place to have some fun.

One final word of warning – in the rainy season, it is not a good idea to go off roading. There are too many variables that can interfere with safety and end your adventure in a hurry. We recommend to try these trails only if weather conditions permit.

Here are a few options if you are interested in off roading in the Tamarindo area during your stay at Villa Paraiso:

Liberia to Rincon de la Vieja Volcano
Easy Difficulty – 12.61 Miles – Trail takes 45 minutes

It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to drive from Tamarindo to Liberia in Guanacaste. Start by taking route 155 north until it ends at route 21. Drive north on route 21 to Liberia, then turn left on route 1 (Pan American Highway). Drive through Liberia and turn right on the next road after you see the “Iglesia de Guadalupe. This is the start of the trail. Find the trail route here: The trail takes you on dirt roads through to the Rincon de la Vieja national park area, where you can explore the park and see the volcano. To return, you’ll have to go back down the same trail and take the reverse route to Tamarindo. Since the drive there and back takes over 2.5 hours, allow a full day if you want to explore the park as well. 

Santa Cruz to Playa Frijolar
Moderate Difficulty – 37.25 Miles – Trail takes 2 hours 30 minutes

This beautiful journey takes you from the small town of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica to the beautiful and deserted beach called Playa Frijolar. It will take about 45 minutes to drive to Santa Cruz from Tamarindo, which is the start of this trail. Follow route 152 south and east until you enter Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. Find the trail route here: It will take another hour to travel back to Tamarindo via route 152, which you can find by driving north from Marbella for 27km

Pueblo Viejo to Nicoya
Difficult – 62.3 Miles – Trail takes 5 hours

For a full day of off roading thrills, we suggest this route. You’ll see views of the Colorado Gulf and Isla de Chira, situated in the Gulf of Nicoya, as well as beautiful mountain views. This adventure is best taken in the summer months, as it is definitely a full day. Take route 152 south and east until your each route 21. Continue south and east, past Nicoya, until you get to route 18, which you will take north. The journey to the start of the trail should take 1 hour from Tamarindo. Find the trail route here: Have a delicious meal in one of the small restaurants in Nicoya, and then head back to Tamarindo by route 21 and 152. It will take slightly less time to get back than it did to reach Pueblo Viejo.

This is just the start! You can search for other off road trails to satisfy your need for adventure, and if you are willing to explore further afield, you can find a host of amazing options. These routes provide fun and beauty not only to the driver, but also to any passenger who is along for the ride.

Just another way you can enjoy your stay with us at extraordinary Tamarindo, Costa Rica. For accommodation options, please see our booking page.

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Villa Paraiso: A Perfect Costa Rica Getaway for Friends

Most of us are lucky to have a core group of friends with whom we share our lives, share a sport, or another common interest. Why not celebrate that common bond with a luxury stay at Villa Paraiso!

Located in Tamarindo, our expansive luxury villa hosts 8 bedrooms, 8.5 baths, perfect for a group of friends to enjoy each other’s company, yet still have space to relax and spread out. You and your friends will enjoy the open concept layout, making it easy for conversations and people to flow from one space into another.

Whether you’re coming back from a big day’s adventure, or you’re ready to wrap up the day spent enjoying the premises, the scenic outdoor deck and infinity pool offer a great opportunity to relax, lounge, and catch up with your friends. The villa offers a perfect perch above Playa Tamarindo to enjoy panoramic beach views while sipping drinks from the outside wet bar. Fire up the professional series outdoor grill with your friends or play chef the inside gourmet kitchen, designed for accommodating large groups. Alternatively, have a private chef serve an amazing meal featuring local flavors, or prepare something more familiar to your palate.

Pura Vida
You can’t talk about Costa Rica without “Pura Vida!” This will certainly find its way into your group’s vocabulary. Literally translated, it means, “pure life,” but the expression is widely used; to fully understand its meaning, you have to experience the Costa Rican zest for life. It’s commonly used to express “no worries” and evoke optimism, no matter what happens in your day, your week, or your life. During your stay, you and your friends will definitely experience Pura Vida!

Even though Tamarindo is a small beachside town, there’s no shortage of activities available. Whether you and your friends decide to stay local, or go on a day trip, Villa Paraiso serves as an idyllic base to start and end your day.

You and your friends may want to decide on the focus of your trip: fishing, spa, adventure, culture – or just run the gamut of all the activities!

Here are some ideas to fill your schedule while you make Villa Paraiso your home base in Costa Rica:

Beach / Water Activities
With the villa right on Playa Tamarindo, we have access to a host of water activities, including surfing (check out our surfing blog!), sea kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boarding, to name a few. No need to worry about your experience level; our professional guides are ready to lead the novice or the expert. Playa Tamarindo’s enclosed bay is great for the beginner surfer or stand-up paddle boarder, but if you’re up for the challenge, our guides can take you to Playa Avellanas, for example, with a variety of reef, beach, and estuary breaks.

Of course, the beach is entirely available to lay out, explore tidepools, take a picturesque walk and enjoy some of the beachside restaurants for the food and the view!

Adventure / Nature Tours
Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, and the one of the best ways to experience this beauty and awe is to explore!

  • Ziplining: Take an adventure to new heights with a zip line tour through the canopy! Learn about Costa Rica’s rich, green landscapes on one of the locally-based tours.
  • River Kayaking: For a quiet tour through nature, a river kayaking trip can tour through the estuary and Tamarindo River. These tours can be tailored to fishing, birding, or exercise in general!
  • Hiking: There are plenty of places to hike, and beautiful trails to explore caves, waterfalls, and more. Again, we have expert guides ready to accommodate your group for a light or easy hike, or tour through the more advanced trails.
  • Volcano Tour: A volcano excursion may just be able to satisfy several adventurous cravings. Rincon de la Vieja and Arenal are two volcanoes most accessible in the area. While Rincon de la Vieja is within a day trip from Tamarindo, Arenal is best enjoyed on an overnight trip, which our staff can help you arrange in style. An Arenal adventure offers ziplining tours, gorgeous waterfall hikes, canyoneering trips, and after a long, day, relax in one of the many hot springs closeby. A trip to Rincon de la Vieja will not disappoint, either: ATV tours, mud baths, hot springs, and zip lines are also offered in the area.
  • Horseback riding: Take a guided tour along the beach or explore Costa Rica’s lush terrain on horseback as you blend in with the natural setting.
  • Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge: 1,000 acres of protected forest. Take a tour through the dense jungle and learn about the abundant Costa Rican flora and fauna!


  • Sport fishing: Tamarindo’s offshore fishing is world renowned; check out the link and scroll down for a list of local fish you’ll find in our waters
  • Fly Fishing: Private tours are available through the estuary or Tamarindo Bay. We have 6 weight and 9 weight gear available, with Snook and Snapper typical in the estuary.
  • We can also arrange tours for inshore or light tackle fishing.

Spa Day
The epitome of a relaxing day, you and your friends can enjoy a day out to a local spa, even trying out the world famous Los Altos de Eros just south of Tamarindo. Choose from a variety of treatments including massages, facial treatments, body scrubs, body polishes, hand and foot therapies, bath soaks, manis and pedis. A Three-Day Spa Treatment package is available, which includes wine and lunch. Another option is to custom order some of these deluxe spa services and enjoy them at the villa!

Villa Paraiso has a great relationship with Hacienda Pinilla, a beautiful 18-hole golf course just south of Tamarindo. This par 72 course was designed by Michael Young, who is responsible for some of the finest courses found in the southern United States. Hacienda Pinilla is commended on their efforts to preserve and maintain the precious ecological balance, even earning a certification as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

Culture / Local life

  • Chorotega Pottery: If you love learning about history and the local culture, take an opportunity to stop by a local pottery studio featuring Chorotega pottery. This indigenous art has been passed down through generations for over 800 years. Enjoy a chance to learn about the local traditions, and you may even try some of your own!
  • Coffee Plantations: Take a behind-the-scenes tour on a day trip out to a coffee plantation! Visit local roasters, cafes, and learn what it takes to own and operate a successful coffee plantation in Costa Rica.
  • Tamarindo, the town: Stroll through the town for a variety of shops, many of them catering to the tourist, but nevertheless offering fun souvenirs to take home. Enjoy a mariachi band strolling through, or pack into a restaurant featuring live music and lots of dancing. The nightlife in Tamarindo is hot – there are plenty of dance floors and entertainment. Costa Rica also features many foreign influences, which is obvious in the restaurant choices offered throughout the town. Ranging from local street food to high end dining, the options are endless to please your palate.

Traveling Tips
Tamarindo is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste. Tamarindo tends to be in a drier part of the country overall, but contains basically the same weather patterns as the rest of the country, with two main seasons: wet and dry. The wet season lasts from May through October, while the dry season ranges from November through April. The wet season obviously means frequent tropical showers, but they tend to last no more than 1-2 hours a day. Don’t let the rains deter a great vacation, though; the weather patterns just add to the natural charm of Costa Rica’s nature.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, our professional staff is available to help design a trip with activities that can please anyone. In addition, we are also happy to arrange for airport transportation to the villa so not a moment is spent worrying or waiting for a rental or taxi. If you and your friends would like a rental car while staying at the villa, we can make arrangements for that as well.

Check out our website for a full description of Villa Paraiso, as well as a video and 360° tour! To plan your trip, please check out our rates and availability,, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries, 1-866-658-7795. We’re excited to show you the best of Costa Rica, and look forward to your stay!

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Tamarindo: Surfer’s Paradise

Since the 1990s, Tamarindo has become a world-famous mecca for surfing, with world-class surfing destinations like Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point nearby. If you’re on the hunt for an epic surf trip, or just looking to take a few lessons, we invite you to stay at Villa Paraiso to fully experience this thrilling, yet relaxing beach destination!

The spacious, 8-bedroom Villa is equipped to house large groups, but it’s okay if not everyone in your group will be surfing. Tamarindo offers a wide variety of activities available for people of all ages and interests.

Tamarindo’s Rise to Surfing Fame

In the ‘70s, Tamarindo was barely a dot on the map, as this small town didn’t even have electricity or running water – just dirt roads and wells. By the ‘80s, it had developed into a fishing village, but it was thanks to Hollywood that Tamarindo would find itself on the radar of surfers the world over. The 1994 release of Endless Summer II featured surfers Pat O’Connell and Robert “Wingnut” Weaver retracing the footsteps of the original Endless Summer pioneers, Robert August and Mike Hynson. The movie introduced Tamarindo as the place to surf, and suddenly Tamarindo was filled with visitors from around the globe looking for the perfect wave. In 2011, Robert August moved to Tamarindo, working with local surf shops and setting up his own. He has since moved back to the States. Even so, his personality and presence continues to leave a lasting impression on the Tamarindo surf scene, and helped launch Tamarindo as the ideal vacation destination it is today.

What to Bring

If you’re coming to Costa Rica specifically for a surf trip, you’re probably familiar with the cost of bringing your own board. Fares have recently increased for boardbags, depending on the airline. Be sure to check on the accepted weights and lengths of boards with your particular airlines. If you do decide to bring your own surfboard, make sure you have a good board bag, preferably waterproof/resistant. Costa Rica’s tropical weather, especially in the rainy season (April – October) can make for a musty bag, taking longer to dry in the humidity. Also, try removing old wax from your board before bringing it down to avoid a big melty mess of wax, board, and bag due to the tropical climate.

Otherwise, feel free to leave your board at home; our staff has access to plenty of options for rentals for you and your group! However, you do want to make sure you have these basics with you, either way:

Sunscreen: Always a must, especially with Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, the sun is much more intense. Bring a lot of sunscreen, making sure it has high sun protection for both UVA and UVB rays.

Rashguard: Also great for extra sun protection, as well as its intended purpose to protect the skin from the friction of your board/wax.

Bathing suit: Make sure it can survive the waves; even as a beginner you may come across an unexpected/aggressive wave or two.

Booties: Protection for your feet in case you hit some rocky bottoms.

Wax (if you’re bringing your own board): Bring tropical wax, and a wax comb, too. They are available for purchase in Costa Rica, but you’ll more than likely save some money if you bring from home.

Leash or two: Just in case yours breaks.

Wetsuits and even spring suits are not necessary, as Costa Rican waters are generally warm, averaging a soothing 80°F throughout the year.

The Surf

Tamarindo Bay stretches for about four miles, with a great variety of waves to suit the novice or the seasoned surfer. Tamarindo or Playa Tamarindo is best in the early morning and afternoon at mid-tide. The conditions are good for beginning surfers. El Estero is the Tamarindo River mouth, and on the north side, it offers good lefts, while on the south side, good rights. Playa Grande is a good spot, also good at mid-high tide. Playa Grande is a beach break, and offers one of the most consistent surfing conditions in the area, with great rights and lefts. These are just a few of the major spots, and our professional guides can take you around to other favorites, depending on your interest and skill level.

Two of the most famous surf spots in the region are nearby, best reached by boat, and recommended for the advanced surfers. Witch’s Rock is just north of Tamarindo, with fast, hollow rights and big, glassy waves. Ollie’s Point is a point break also located north of Tamarindo, with fast right breaks over a rocky bottom.

You can find good surf in Costa Rica year-round, but there are certain benefits to particular times of the year. Costa Rica as two seasons: wet and dry. The dry season is about from November through April, and the wet season from May through October. Tamarindo tends to be drier than the rest of Costa Rica, and in the wet season, the showers are usually in the afternoon for a couple of hours. From late May through August, with swells coming from the south Pacific, you’ll find the surf most consistent, with glassy waves and offshore winds in the morning, then expect those afternoon showers.  From September through November, morning rains bring onshore winds and choppy surf. The swells are less frequent, but can pack more power. By December, the Papagayo winds have arrived, creating good offshore conditions and keeping the area dry. This lasts through February, and the northwest swells have replaced the fading southern swells, making for bigger waves.  The Papagayo winds have run their course by March, and by May, the southern swells are ready to roll in again.

⬖          ⬖          ⬖

The staff at Villa Paraiso is ready to welcome you and arrange your surfing tour, whether it’s for one, or for your group! Visit our website to see more of Villa Paraiso, and check the availability to plan the dates of your stay. Give us a call +1 (866) 971-9276 to ask us any questions, or start making arrangements with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We look forward to your stay!

Also, for another perspective on surfing in Tamarindo, check out Huffington Post’s recent article about our humble retreat:

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